Pickleback Party

                With different tales floating around, who knows where it came from or how it started, but the Pickleback is definitely here to stay! When I first started out here at La Paz I just had to try all the mixes! Not only to my own benefit I swear, but I had to know what we’re selling right?  I was seriously in love with everything, and I am still experimenting with recipes as time goes on, but the Pickleback quickly became my favorite! For those who don’t like pickles it starts off as a dare, from a bartender or a friend, definitely from me, or in my case, my boss. For the ones who don’t like whiskey it’s a total game changer, and for everyone else it’s just pure fun! Pickleback works best with Irish Whiskey for whatever reason, Jameson or Tullamore Dew are our favs! Science calls pickle brine a hangover cure, or at least that’s what I like to believe. Here, all I can say in my experience is that the pickle brine vinegar acts as a neutralizer to the burn of the whiskey. Which to my excitement, for both my love of whiskey and love of pickles, makes it easier to shoot whiskey and keep the party going! Here’s how:

·  Shoot 1 shot of Irish Whiskey

·  Chase with ½ shot of La Paz Pickleback